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Wednesday - 13/12/2023 01:50
In the cold weather of the first days of the year, sitting around with relatives or friends, colleagues sipping the fragrant grilled meat, the sound of crackling fire in the warm air is truly enjoyable. So let's take a look at some of the favorite grilled restaurants in Dong Ha city!.
  1. Phuong Dong BBQ
As a restaurant specializing in BBQ Japanese and Korean style, Phuong Dong BBQ possesses a convenient location, modern and luxurious space and quality menu, making it an ideal culinary destination for all connoisseurs eat. Coming to the restaurant, you will be impressed by the quality of the food, by the extremely colorful and eye-catching decoration of pre-sliced ​​meat slices, marinated with each separate sauce, etc, like a culinary masterpieces that one cannot bear to enjoy.
If you have once enjoyed grilled meat at Phuong Dong BBQ, you will never forget the "ecstatic" flavor of American beef brisket, American beef shoulder, fresh ribs, etc, delicately prepared and grilled. Comes with the restaurant's signature sauces. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the freshness of the dishes prepared raw here such as salmon sashimi, herring or crab stick sushi, salmon, etc.
With a variety of dishes, comfortable, modern space, and quality service, Phuong Dong BBQ is a "must try" restaurant for everyone.
Address: 20 Dai Co Viet street,  Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province.
  1. Pho Nuong Tokyo
When talking about restaurants with Japanese atmosphere right in Dong Ha city, it is impossible not to mention Pho Nuong Tokyo. Located at 111 Le Thanh Tong street, Dong Ha city, located near the beautiful Dai An bridge, is suitable for gatherings with friends and relatives on weekends and parties. In addition, diners can also enjoy the spacious space designed in Japanese and Korean colors.
One thing that cannot be ignored is the restaurant's menu, with its variety from appetizers to main dishes, side dishes and drinks to suit each person's preferences and tastes. Ingredients are carefully selected, so each dish brings freshness and sweetness, along with the art of grilling at the table, making the grilled dish taste sweet, fragrant, naturally soft, hot, and easy to eat. This conquers the most demanding guests when enjoying dishes at the restaurant.
Address: 111 Le Thanh Tong street, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri province.
  1. Nhat Nuong BBQ
When mentioning "barbecue feast", the name that gourmets will immediately choose is Nhat Nuong BBQ. It can be imagined that this is a paradise of seductive aroma of grilled meat and grilled seafood with more than 20 grilled dishes: beef chestnuts, baby ribs, beef bear, beef shank, beef rolled with mushrooms, squid, cartilage ribs, and chicken, etc. Although it is a restaurant specializing in grilling, when entering the restaurant, diners are not too unfamiliar with half of the menu pages devoted to hot pots such as sour kimchi hot pot, Thai hot pot, Panchan along with standard Korean side dishes,etc. It is the hot pot sets that have contributed to creating extremely unique flavors, beautifying the reputation of Nhat Nuong BBQ.
Nhat Nuong BBQ has a very careful marinating process by the chefs so every dish is flavorful and delicious. Carefulness in processing along with the freshness of ingredients is the key to the restaurant's success. The plus point for the restaurant is that it is located in a convenient traffic location and has a wide frontage so it is easy to find. Besides, the restaurant's space is both closed and open, attracting the curiosity of many guests.
Address: 06B Duy Tan street, Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province.
  1. Seoul BBQ
If you are a fan of Korean cuisine, Seoul BBQ is the place you must go. Entering the restaurant, you can feel the typical scents from the unique dishes of the land of kimchi such as: spicy rice cakes, rice rolls, kimchi soup, mixed rice, Korean dumplings, etc, any dishes makes the stomach grow hungry. In addition, diners will enjoy well-marinated beef, a variety of seafood such as shrimp, squid, salmon, catfish, etc, grilled directly on the stove, super attractive. Not only that, hot pot is also a favorite dish here. The fragrant scent is a passionate combination of lemongrass scent, spicy on the tongue with meats and seafood such as pork, American beef belly, shrimp, white clams, etc, with vegetables, mushrooms, vermicelli and beans extra.
This is a great tip for Dong Ha young people, for those who love Korean cuisine, especially for guests who want to find new restaurants in Quang Tri province.
Address: 1A Nguyen Thai Hoc streer, Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province.
  1. Nuong Ray
Nuong Ray is a restaurant with prices suitable for all budgets, plus a spacious, airy, extremely chill outdoor space. The dishes are made from pieces of beef, pork, seafood, everything is fresh and always made fresh every day. When talking about the restaurant, one must immediately think of the specialty here which is grilled beef with cheese with a layer of fatty cheese that melts right in the mouth. In particular, only at Grill Ray, you can feel a different flavor of BBQ sauce - the only BBQ sauce prepared according to the restaurant's own recipe.
In addition, Nuong Ray also has a number of dishes that you should try such as red tilapia fish with mango sauce, crispy salted pork belly with Thai sauce, fried squid with fish sauce, smoked goose breast. With a diverse menu, affordable prices, food quality is always top priority and an open space to admire the scenery of passing trains, don't hesitate any longer to come and explore the menu of Nuong Ray for a warm belly.
Address: 12 Tran Phu street, Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province.

6. Nuong Hem
Nuong Hem is frequented by many customers because of the quality of its delicious food as well as its space with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The variety in the menu of grilled dishes is worth enjoying such as grilled pork belly, marinated pork belly, grilled cartilage, grilled octopus with satay,etc. The grilled food here is always seasoned and eye-catching. The quality of grilled dishes is always guaranteed by the restaurant to be fresh and clean, helping to increase the appetite when eating.
The restaurant has a very special dish: grilled steak. This dish has a unique taste and is suitable for Vietnamese people. You can eat it directly on the hot pan. Fresh meat is sticky and richly marinated, not frozen.
Address: 08 Cua Tung street, Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province.

7. Nuong Bo DEE
     Revealing to you Nuong Bo DEE restaurant is known as one of the delicious grilled restaurants in Da Nang city and is present in Dong Ha city. The restaurant specializes in grilled beef with butter and cheese, spicy and delicious. Grilled meat is richly marinated, eaten with fragrant okra, sweet potatoes, corn, and onions. The prices at the restaurant are also very affordable, suitable for young people, office workers, etc. Eat to your heart's content at an affordable price.
Especially the sauce is super delicious, the restaurant has 3 different types of sauce but all of them are loved by customers. Sweet and sour tamarind sauce dipped with bread is 'top of the top'. Garlic pepper sauce is slightly spicy, fragrant and rich in pepper flavor. Finally, the creamy peanut butter sauce is very delicious.
Address: 11 Ngo Quyen street, Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province.

8. Lau Nuong 1992

The hot pot and grill here are of good quality and rich, with a full set of dishes including octopus, squid, clams, oysters, braised pork, beef, etc. The meat at Lau Nuong 1992 is marinated quite richly. The restaurant has free butter, so when grilled, it brings a rich, aromatic flavor and extremely stimulates the taste buds. The beef is sliced ​​into large pieces, not shredded at all.
With fresh ingredients, well-marinated, Lau Nuong 1992 restaurant always attracts a large number of diners. The meat is sliced ​​thickly and large so it is very delicious to eat. Adding a unique dipping sauce makes your meal more complete and meaningful.
Address: 35 Ton That Tung street, Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province.
Above are 8 quality grilled restaurants in Dong Ha city that "score" in the hearts of gourmets. Let's get together with friends and family to have a delicious meal, guys!

Author: Phan Hoài An

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