Quang Tri Provincial People's Committee working on the report on the night economic development project.

Wednesday - 29/11/2023 02:27
On the morning of November 8, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Mr. Hoang Nam chaired a meeting to hear the Department of Planning and Investment report on the draft content of the Project "Developing the night-time economy in Quang Tri province for the period 2023-2025, vision to 2030" according to Decision No. 1129/QD-TTg dated July 27, 2020 of the Prime Minister. Attending the meeting were representatives of leaders of relevant departments and localities.

At the meeting, representatives of the Department of Planning and Investment gave a summary report of the draft Project. Accordingly, the concept of night-time economic development is still quite new, economic development activities mainly take place during the day; Besides, although night-time economic development activities in the province have been formed, they have not been organized regularly and the scale is still small; Infrastructure has developed but is still slow, linkages with neighboring provinces are still limited and have not developed as expected.
Therefore, in order to find goals, orientations and policies for developing night-time economic development suitable to the local practical conditions, contributing to exploiting the maximum potential and advantages of the province, the research and development of the Project is necessary.
The purpose of the Project is to exploit the province's potential and advantages to form unique and different models and products at night; contributing to improving the quality of the trade, service, and tourism industries, attracting tourists to visit and stay for a long time; develop night-time economy to supplement ongoing activities in the province, both day and night.
According to the Project, in the period 2023-2025, strive for a growth rate of the service sector of about 7-7.5%/year. Total retail sales of goods and revenue from social consumer services increased by an average of 11.7%/year. Pilot implementation of 3-4 areas to organize walking streets.


In the period 2026-2030, strive for a growth rate of the service sector of about 8-8.5%/year. Total retail sales of goods and revenue from social consumer services increased by an average of 14.3%.
By 2030, attract 4,074 thousand tourists; Of which about 50% of tourists participate in night-time economy. The entire province has accommodation facilities with 9,400 rooms to serve tourists staying overnight. Maintain and expand 4-5 areas for organizing walking streets, night markets, shopping - culinary streets, entertainment services, cultural and artistic performances at night in localities.
Estimated budget for implementing the Project is about 14,796 billion VND from the state budget and socialization sources; of which the state budget is about 101.4 billion VND; Socialized capital is about 14,694.6 billion VND.
At the meeting, representatives of departments, branches and localities basically agreed with the draft content of the Project. At the same time, propose and discuss a number of contents related to choosing a suitable time and surveying a suitable location; plan for using public assets during the implementation of the Project; Propose localities to research the typical types of each product, proactively develop their own economic development plans for each period; Focus on resources for night-time economic development activities, promote propaganda, support, and guide visitors to directly participate in night-time economic development activities in the province.,etc.
After listening to opinions and suggestions, concluding the meeting, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Mr. Hoang Nam affirmed that developing night-time economy is necessary, in accordance with the local socio-economic development orientation. Quang Tri also has many potentials and advantages to develop the night-time economy. Currently, the night-time economy activities in the province have developed and brought many positive effects to the image of the locality, contributing to creating jobs for people and developing the province's budget, promoting Tourism has become a key economic sector.
Agree with the name of the Project. However, it is necessary to research and adjust space and time for the night-time economy activities, associated with specific activities of each locality. Determine the specific time to implement the project, thereby implementing focused and focused planning. In the immediate future, it is necessary to focus on implementation in places that already have images and brands such as Dong Ha city, Quang Tri town, Lao Bao town (Huong Hoa), etc. After that, each locality researches and implements specific activities, suitable to the actual situation to diversify types of tourism.
Consider and propose mechanisms and policies to create conditions and encourage businesses to participate in the night-time economy activities. Clear decentralization and delegation of authority in management work. Localities can decide on the contents within their authority related to the development of the special economic zone. Planning and developing public transportation systems, forming a friendly, hospitable culture, business culture and the night-time economy activities to retain tourists coming to Quang Tri, etc.
​Based on the discussion and suggestions of departments, branches and localities, the Department of Planning and Investment selectively understands and completes the draft Project so that when approved, the Project will actually go into effect and bring practical results. After the draft project is completed, the Provincial People's Committee will submit it to the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee for guidelines, and to the Provincial People's Council for policies and resources.

Author: Nguyễn Trang Nhi

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