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Sunday - 26/12/2021 10:20
Part 1. Camping on Con Co island
Experience Tourism is a type of tourism that gives you many interesting and new experiences, helps you integrate and understand better the local culture and people, gives you new experiences. The experience is much more interesting and newer than the traditional form of tourism. However, it also requires you more in terms of health and time for this trip. For example, you will be able to go deep into the lives of indigenous people, join locals in doing daily work or prepare dishes that are typical of that region, etc. Nowadays, Experience Tourism is increasingly becoming a popular trend, not only young people but also many families of all ages choose this form of tourism for their trip.
Con Co island tourism is a keyword that many young people are interested in, especially with the community that loves to experience and love wild nature, "escape" from the noise and bustle of urban life. Considered as the wonderful green pearl of Quang Tri beach, Con Co island will conquer you as soon as you arrive.

Con Co island is in the sea area of ​​Quang Tri province, located about 17 nautical miles from Cua Viet port, Gio Linh district. The island lies across the 17th parallel, with coordinates 17008'15'' - 17010'05'' North latitude; 107019’50” – 107020’40” East longitude. Con Co island has an area of ​​about 2.3 km2, with an average height of 7-10m above sea level. On the island, there are 2 high points: the eastern point of the island is 37m (hence the name of the high point 37), the western point - near the center of the island - is the high point of 63.4m, this is the highest point on the island. Although the island area is small, the features of shape and spatial structure, geological structure; area, altitude and ecological landscape... have created great value for the island in terms of natural resources and favorable ecological environment for living species and humans. In addition to the name Con Co, local people also call it Hon Co, Con Cop, Hon Me. So, if you hear these names, don't be surprised.

Con Co island is still a fairly new name on the domestic tourist map, more than 70% of the island is primeval forest, so the camping experience tour on Con Co island is being enjoyed by young people.

On Con Co island, Nghe wharf is a suitable and new place for you to camp, you will be able to see the image of the blue sea merging with the sky, and the three maple trees with the "bonsai" shapes. Uniquely formed by the sun and sea breeze and the unique basalt beaches running along the water's edge. This is also the landing place of those who crossed the sea to supply the island at night during the previous war and the first sunrise point on the island and also the Chill pole for you to check in.

Welcoming the dawn on the island, enjoying the delicious dishes of the sea together, the feeling of peace and comfort when with friends and relatives together with a Camping trip on Con Co island will be wonderful and new for everyone. In addition, you can also ride a bicycle around Con Co island to explore the primeval forest on the island. Con Co Island has winding roads running around the sea, which is a great place for you to roam around on a bicycle to see the vast sea and island landscape.
Con Co Island also has a dense tropical forest that is still intact. The forest here is like the green lung of the island, making the air here fresh along with the poetic natural scenery. On the island, there are many native species of trees such as: square eagle tree, wild pineapple tree, maple tree... Exploring the primeval forest on the island in the middle of the sea is also an interesting experience when arriving on this island. In particular, Con Co forest also has wild species of Jiaogulan that grows a lot in the natural environment. Jiaogulan, was discovered and used first in Japan under the name of the tree of longevity. This is a plant that has the effect of stabilizing blood pressure, lowering blood fat, preventing platelet aggregation, dissolving blood clots, preventing atherosclerosis, heart, vessel, brain accidents, enhancing immunity, prevent tumor formation and proliferation. There is nothing more to watch the sunrise on the island in the morning or in the afternoon under the sunset, sip a sip of Jiaogu Lam tea and watch the sea of ​​Con Co island.

Con Co has one of the best coral reefs surveyed in Vietnam. Con Co also has a very rare species of red coral with a thick density, beautiful shapes, and unusually attractive colors. The unique and rare beauty of the mysterious coral reefs surrounding the island is an attractive invitation that tourists who love to explore are hard to resist. If you have the opportunity to travel to Con Co island, do not forget to see the beautiful coral species, immerse yourself in the colorful space under the sea. In addition, you can participate in other activities such as fishing, night squid fishing with fishermen here.

Cuisine is also an attraction for tourists when coming to Con Co, visitors can enjoy king oysters only available at Con Co, in addition, there are also fresh seafood dishes such as shrimp, sea fish, pearl eye snail, snail. hills, snails. Seaweed is also a typical dish of the Con Co area, this dish also makes visitors enjoy the typical cuisine here.

Con Co island tour itinerary:
To make a trip to Con Co island, you can contact CENTRAL ISLAND SERVICE AND TOURISM:
Address: Con Co island district
Representative office: Tran Binh Trong Street, Quarter 7, Ward 3, City. Dong Ha, Quang Tri.
Phone number: 0982.525.159
Fanpage: Con Co Island, Group: Review of Con Co Island, Green Battleship - CON CO TOURIST

In addition, you can contact the Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center of Quang Tri province. Address: No. 45 Hung Vuong, City. Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province; Tel: (0233) 3720777 - 3681777.

Author: Phan Hoài An

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