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Tuesday - 07/11/2023 21:37
Quang Tri province has not only pristine natural landscapes and historical attractions but also a rich cuisine. When mentioning about "Quang Tri Cuisine", the writer Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong once commented that the eating soul of Quang people is attached to the characteristics of their homeland, reflecting the spirit of tolerance and hard work of the Quang Tri people.
Below are delicious dishes in Quang Tri, please enjoy if you have the opportunity to travel to this heroic historical land:
1. Snakehead fish porridge.
Snakehead fish porridge (also known as bed flap porridge, fish porridge, snakehead fish soup) is a famous specialty of Quang Tri because of its unique preparation method. Quang Tri folk songs have the saying: "Remembering nothing but porridge/ Standing dreaming of the smell of throwing, sitting dreaming of the smell of onions" to describe the typical flavor of this dish.
The delicious and attractive flavor is partly due to the smell of garlic and onions. The flavor of Quang Tri's compressed tubers and floss is what creates a different flavor for Quang Tri fish porridge compared to other places. Moreover, to cook fish porridge, people use snakehead fish. Snakehead fish must be chosen large so that the meat will be thick, firm and cooked to be juicy. After preparing the fish, boil it and carefully filter the fish meat, marinate it with spices, pepper, chili powder, Quang Tri specialties, making the fish taste not too fishy.


The porridge is not only made of rice flour, wheat flour but also tapioca flour (made from cassava flour), making the porridge chewy and delicious, ensuring that this type of flour is not used anywhere else. When eating, Quang Tri people often add a lot of green onions, pepper, and chili powder to enhance the flavor. Enjoy a bowl of fish porridge on cold days, add a little hot chili, pepper, and green onions to help fight off colds.
Powdered porridge in Quang Tri all have the same flavor, but the most famous is Hai Lang snakehead fish powdered porridge. Besides, duck powder porridge is also a great alternative for those who want to experience more about Quang Tri cuisine.
2. Jackfruit noodles:
Quang Tri jackfruit noodles is made from young jackfruit, vermicelli, plus crispy pork skin, crispy fried tofu and fragrant roasted peanuts that make its special flavor.


You must choose young jackfruit, leave it whole, wash it, put it in a covered pot and boil for about two and a half hours, let it simmer, then thinly slice it and stir-fry it to add more flavor. Jackfruit eaten with raw vegetables is fresh and delicious. The accompanying sauce to add flavor to the dish is soy sauce cooked with spices and a few chili peppers, to suit the user's taste. You can also try the vegetarian version of jackfruit noodles, a very unique way to try new dishes.
3. Cassava cake


There is a familiar, rustic cake that every person in Quang Tri, no matter where they go, cannot forget: Cassava cake (or Banh Loc). The dish is made from tapioca starch (in many other places tapioca starch is used). But cassava flour in Quang Tri is often fresh, because it is made by hand by artisans. Inside the dough layer can be shrimp, green beans or even chicken. And if enjoyed with fish sauce and a little stir-fry, there's nothing better.
4. Mai Xa mussel vermicelli
Bun Hen Mai Xa is a specialty of Mai Xa village (Gio Mai commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province). It's called mussel noodle soup but it's made from a mollusk called great-nephew - a species of the mussel family but smaller and darker in color.
Sauté onions and spices until fragrant, then pour in water, add a few pieces of ginger and you're done with a delicious, low-fat, budget-friendly broth. Put vermicelli in a bowl, add a pinch of herbs and cilantro on top and pour in hot broth.


As for those who like to eat dry food, a cup of shrimp broth is indispensable. Pour a little water into the dish, add a lot of raw vegetables and mix together, both delicious and rich. When eating, add a cup of fresh chili salt and ginger to make it very spicy and smooth so that you can enjoy it together to truly suit the taste of Quang Tri people.
5. Buffalo meat with Troong leaves
The dish is named after two main ingredients that make it special: buffalo meat and Troong leaves. Troong leaf is a type of wild leaf that has a special aroma and a light scent. Buffalo meat is carefully selected from young buffaloes to ensure freshness, tenderness and nutritious for health. That's why, everywhere has a way to prepare buffalo meat, but I'm sure that nowhere will have the same taste as in Quang Tri.


After marinating and cooking, the buffalo meat will be sweet, soft and slightly chewy. If grilled, the scent of lolot leaves will be eaten with raw Troong leaves. When stir-fried, the aroma of buffalo meat and Troong leaves will blend together, creating a characteristic spicy aroma. The combination of young buffalo meat and the type of wild grass growing throughout Quang Tri gives the dish a very characteristic spicy aroma. In particular, buffalo meat with Troong leaves is great to eat on cold and rainy days.
6. Bau Trang shrimp salad
The shrimp is extremely familiar in Quang Tri people’s dinner. Under the sunshine of May and March is the breeding time of field shrimp, a specialty of Bau Trang and Vinh Linh. And that is the most reasonable time to enjoy Bau Trang shrimp salad.


The special feature of this dish is the way it is prepared. Immediately caught shrimp are soaked in salt water for 10 minutes before being mixed with other ingredients including: green mango, chili pepper, garlic, lemon and herbs. After that, squeeze in a little lemon juice to make the shrimp jump around in the bowl, so you have to use a lid to cover it and shake it thoroughly to let everything absorb the spices and enjoy this freshness.
7. Cake with Gai leaves
Banh it la gai is a traditional Quang Tri specialty cake that is indispensable during holidays here. When you first eat it, you will feel like the cake is flexible, fleshy, fragrant with the scent of hemp leaves mixed with the sweetness of the bean paste and sticky rice. The cake has the black color of gai leaves, looks very unique. Banh it la gai has a rustic and simple character like the people here. Cakes are often made or bought to place on the ancestral altar on Tet holidays and death anniversaries. It's just that simple, but it's enough to make Quang Tri people feel nostalgic when they live far from the hometown.


8. Seaweed jelly cake
Banh Duc has appeared throughout Vietnam in many different versions and Quang Tri people prepare Banh Duc with a very special ingredient. It is seaweed jelly, shaped like a hook, braided into layers and clinging to rocks underwater, under the waves. Because of that characteristic, people who want to pick jelly have to wait for days when the wind is calm and the tide has receded to be able to pick jelly.


Seaweed jelly cake has a subtle seaweed smell. People who are not used to eating it for the first time will find it a bit fishy. That's why people dip it with fragrant Hue shrimp paste. The special flavor combined with the saltiness of the shrimp will make you want to eat again once you eat it.
9. Sai market spring rolls
Every time going to Sai market, People cannot forget the smell of the spring rolls which called Nem Lui. Nem lui at Sai market is ground meat rolled into round balls, strung on bamboo sticks and grilled, but is unique because of the way the meat is marinated with ingredients for baking.


Nem lui is crispy on the outside, soft and fresh on the inside, and very sweet. Grilled spring rolls are rolled with rice paper along with raw vegetables, star fruit, mango, cucumber and dipped in broth - the dipping sauce is made from thick, greasy roasted peanuts along with a little spicy chili that will make the dish more delicious. This food always make people remember forever.

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