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z1470981731028 3efc3e20745bd31b5af47a4e6f02a0481. Strategic position of the East-West Economic Corridor
Quang Tri - The starting point on the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC)
The EWEC is 1,450 km long, passing through 13 provinces in four countries of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Quang Tri is the first East point in Vietnam on the EWEC through Lao Bao International Border Gate.
EWEC is one of five economic corridors developed under the initiative of ASEAN countries funded by ADB and Japan Government to link the Mekong Subregion (GMS) with economic regions in the Ganges basin (India), in order to shorten route and reduce costs, increase connectivity and contribute to promoting economic exchanges between countries in the Pacific and Indian Ocean.
Being a starting point on EWEC in Vietnam on the East which is considered as an important advantage for Quang Tri to early become one of the trading-cooperative centers among localities and among the Greater Mekong sub-region countries. Quang Tri is one of the gateway to the East Sea of ​​countries and territories on the EWEC.

2. Infrastructure and services to support investment
2.1. Transport infrastructure
- The road system throughout the province is constantly being expanded and newly built, not only facilitating traffic and socio-economic development but also creating a refresh appearance of the province.
- The highway from Cam Lo (Quang Tri) to La Son (Thua Thien Hue) with 98km length and 23m width is under construction to facilitate goods circulation and economic development in the region. It is expected to complete in 2021.
2.2. Seaport
- Cua Viet port can handle transport services for loading ships up to 5,000 DWT.
- My Thuy deep-water port in the Southeastern Economic Zone (the nearest gateway to the East Sea on EWEC) has a design scale of 685 ha, including 10 harbors developed in 3 stages: Phase 1 (2018 - 2025) invested 4 stations with a capital of nearly VND 5,000 billion; Phase 2 (2026 - 2031) invested 3 stations; Phase 3 (2032 - 2036) invested 3 stations. The total cost is VND 14,234 billion, currently being constructed by My Thuy International Port Joint Stock Company.
2.3. Quang Tri Airport
Quang Tri Airport approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 236/QD-TTg is one of 28 domestic airports to be put into operation in the period of 2020-2030 with the scale of 4C-class civil aviation in 312ha which is built in Gio Quang commune, Gio Linh district, about 7 km from Dong Ha city. Currently, the Ministry of Transport is appraising the detailed design.
2.4. Technical - social infrastructure
- The system of post and telecommunications is developed with diversified and plentiful services and high quality, the networks of 3G, 4G and fiber optical cable network is covered the whole province. Quang Tri is implementing the construction of a public wireless (wifi) system in the central areas and tourist destinations across the province.
- Power supply system: Electricity for daily life and production is guaranteed from the national electricity grid through the 500 kV North-South line; national grid system is synchronous with 220kV and 110kV.
- Domestic water supply system is 55,000m3/day in capacity. In addition, the project "Water supply system for the Southeastern Economic Zone of Quang Tri" provided clean water and raw water with 50,000m3/day for each is currently implemented by the investor. The project aims to meet the water demand of not only daily life, but administration - public, production and services of the Southeast Economic Zone also.
- Health issue: The whole province has 63 health facilities with 2,025 beds and 2,564 manpower in total, including 575 doctors, 267 physicians, 718 nurses and 400 midwifes.
2.5. Support services for investment
Financial, banking and insurance services are increasingly developing to meet the business requirements. There are currently 17 bank branches in Quang Tri to meet domestic and foreign customers’ demand of transaction.

3. Abundant resources
3.1. Land, forests and agricultural products
The total area of natural land is 473,744ha including 388,352ha of agricultural land (consisting of 120,166ha of production forest; 80,843ha of protection forest and 62,441ha of special-use forest summed by 263,450 ha of forestry land in total); 41,306 ha of non-agricultural land; and 44,085 ha of unused land.
Main products 2018
Area (ha) Production (ton)
Rice 50.708,3 275.498,7
Coffee 4.905,3 5.540,2
Rubber 19.284,8 15.282,2
Pepper 19.284,8 1.482,9
Banana 4.370,0 63.845,5
Timber exploited   823.107m3
3.2. Marine resources
Quang Tri has a coastline of 75 km and 02 estuaries (Cua Viet and Cua Tung); the fishing area is 8,400 km2 contained about 60,000 tons of several seafood with high economic value, for instance, lobster, cuttlefish, crab, sea cucumber, algae and some rare fish and corals; over 3,412.37 ha of water surface is farming of aquaculture and seafood. The potential of marine and island resources allows Quang Tri to promote the integrated marine economy.
3.3. Gas and Mineral Resources
- There are many types of minerals in Quang Tri, especially some of them are estimated with large quanlity and high quality such as titanium, limestone (over 3 billion tons), white quartz mine (over 277 million tons) which enables the province to promote the industry of cement and calcium silicate on a large scale.
- Gas: there is a natural gas source not far from Quang Tri sea coast with reserves of 60 - 100 billion m3. The mine is located closely to Con Co Island. If this mine is exploited, Quang Tri will gain the opportunities to promote processing industry from raw materials and new technological materials in the forthcoming future.
3.4. Tourism potential
Quang Tri is famous for many revolutionary historical relics, for instance, Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, Hien Luong - Ben Hai River Banks, Road 9 - Khe Sanh; The legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vinh Moc Tunnels, Ta Con Air-base, Mc.Namara Electronic Fence, Lao Bao Prison, Con Co Island... along with Truong Son, Road 9 National Martyrs Cemeteries, created an unique and attractive characteristic for this historical relic system. 
In addition, Quang Tri also has many beautiful landscapes such as Tra Loc Ecotourism Area, Ru Linh Primeval Forest, Brai Cave, Gio An Ancient Wells.... Several wonderful beaches of Cua Tung, Cua Viet and Vinh Thai are featured by unique smooth white sand and fresh blue water. Quang Tri is also well-known for numerous spiritual-cultural relics, folk festivals and typical revolutionary festivals. Sac Tu - one of the oldest pagoda in the Central Vietnam and La Vang Pilgrimage Center attracts nearly millions of pilgrims and tourists yearly.
With a plentiful tourism potential, Quang Tri has become an attractive destination for famous tours: "Central Heritage Road"; "The legendary Trail"; "Memorable tour to old battlefield and teammates". Visitation to Quang Tri will bring tourists with very typical experience generated by the land and local people.

4. Abundant labor resources and competitive costs
- The labor force aged 15 and over is 348,750 people in the total population (630,545 people), accounting for 50.80% of male with 177,180 people; and 49.20% of female with 171,570 people. The labor force is 97,415 people in urban area, accounting for 27.93%; and 251,335 people in rural area, accounting for 72.07%.
There is 338,880 people working in economic sectors, taking 97.17% of the provincial labor force including 44.08% from agriculture, forestry and fishery sector (149,362 people), 18.37% from industry and construction sector (62,250 people), and 37.55% from service sector (127,268 people).
In 2018, 12,288 vocational students has been enrolled in Quang Tri (601 students of college level, 819 students of intermediate level, and 10,766 students of primary and regular level). There is 54.43% of trained employees, 39.36% of vocational employees, 29.1% of employees with certificates; 11,318 employees were created new jobs (Number of employees working in province, in country and out of country are 6,200 people, 3,300 people and 1,818 people respectively).
The province is currently focusing on many solutions to improve the quality of human resources, for instance, implementating the priority strateries on attraction of highly qualified experts and skilled labors; upgrading the provincial vocational schools, adopting the policies to support investors in training labor, creating jobs and reducing cost, especially for the existing labor force of the province.
- Labor cost in Quang Tri is lower than some other provinces and cities in the region.
- School system: Quang Tri has 01 branch of Hue University, 02 colleges, 04 vocational schools and some vocational centers to meet the demands of vocational training in the area. ISchool Quang Tri, an international integration School built and put into operation will become an approach to international education.

5. Open investment environment
- In order to maximum facilitate the investors, not only the investment environment but also policy mechanisms of Quang Tri have been constantly improved in recent years; 
- The provincial public administrative service center has been established to promptly handle administrative procedures according to OSS mechanism (One Stop Shop). E-Government is applied in business registration, customs and tax;
- Procedures related to the establishment, implementation and expansion of investment projects or necessary liaison with relevant departments and agencies on land and facilities will be addressed to Quang Tri Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Agency (IPA), which shortens both time and cost for investors; 
- Technical infrastructure is basically completed and fulfilled to the foot of the project’s fence;
- The dialogue between authorities and enterprises is conducted diriectly and timely for solving investors’ obstacles.

6. Life in Quang Tri
- Quang Tri people are always creative, hard-working, semplice, gentle and hospitable.
- Traffic system is convenient without congestion;
- Environment and climate are fresh, natural scenery is beautiful;
- Accommodation is always avalaible with suitable rent rate for different purposes;
- Living cost is low in which some local foods are quite cheap and available such as rice, noodles, vermicelli and vegetables... These products can be purchased at supermarkets or markets from town to country;
- Store systems are diversified with plentiful products; supermarket system can meet customers’ requirements: Dong Ha Co.opMart Supermarket; Sepon Mart, VinMart...
- Hospitals, centers, professional clinics and pharmacies are standardised to meet the increasing needs of human health care.
- Schools, trade centers and several standard entertainment services are available in Quang Tri; ISchool system has also been invested and under operation in Quang Tri.

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