Five ways to have fun in Quang Tri

Tuesday - 28/02/2023 01:55
Quang Tri province is located in the North Central Coast region in Viet Nam. This place has diverse terrain and distinct features bringing a more unique tourism potential than anywhere else.The branding of Quang Tri toursim destination is “Memory of the War – Aspiration for Peace”, “Toursim Gateway of East – West Economic Corridor”, conecting and linking up with “Central Heritage Road” and “Legendary Ho Chi Minh trail” tour. In this province, you are able to discover many landscapes, relics that have been famous for years. Here are five things to do when you head to Quang Tri.
1. Visit the DMZ tour
    After the war, Quang Tri becomes a lively museum of the revolutionary war. Cutural and historical toursim is created by a very large and unique system of war relics with 500 ranked scenic sites, including: Four special national historic sites (Quang Tri Ancient Citadel and places to commemarate the 81-day-night event in 1972; Hien Luong – Ben Hai riverbanks; Vinh Moc Tunnels; Truong Son – Ho Chi Minh trail); 20 national historical relics and 476 provincial historical relics.
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Hien Luong – Ben Hai riverbanks special national relic – where witnessed the pain of national division during nearly 20 years.
     Visiting the DMZ tour is not only for learning about the history, but also for recalling a heroic victoriy and commemorating the great losses of the nation striving for the independence and freedom, and to futher understand the war aftermaths and thereby cherish the peace and unity.
2. Enjoy the beautiful beaches
     Quang Tri is a central coastal region, which faces to the East Sea on the the East and has 75 km of coastline. Thus, it has diverse natural and beautiful beaches (Cua Viet beach, Cua Tung beach, Gio Hai beach, etc).
     The wonderful time for enjoying the beaches here is from April to September. Since then, you can feel the pure, flat and smooth white sand with cool and blue water surface. Futhermore, you will have fun with waves, watch the sea as the picture changing its colors following the clouds and enjoy the delicious dishes processed by the local people.

A view of Cua Viet beach
   Once you enjoy the beautiful scenery beaches in Quang Tri, you will see how much more meaningful and beautiful the life is.
     Besides, Quang Tri also has Con Co island which is about 30km from the mainland. Favored be nature, Con Co has a diverse marine ecosystems and beautiful coral reefs. It also has the pristine beauty and pure spectacle. It is such an smazing and atractive destnation for relaxation and sea discovery when you head to Quang Tri.

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Enjoy life in Con Co island.
3. Savour the local cuisine
     The sun and the wind in this white sandy region never ever make the cuisine culture of this place lose its uniqueness. Despite is popurlarity and simplicity, an unforgettable rich flavor of the local foods here still maintains. To better understand the local people and culture here, please never forget to explore Quang Tri cuisine.

Savour the seafood
     If you are a foody, then when visiting Quang Tri, you should try some regional specialities such as: snakehead fish noodles (Chao ca vat giuong), Duck noodles (chao bot vit), Buffalo meat with Troong leaves (Thit trau la Trong), etc.
A local dish
    As a souvenir, take home some of local products like coffee, pepper, turmeric starch, essential oils, fish sauce, etc.

4. Experience the cutural heritage
    Quang Tri is a land with strong crossing of culture, religion and beliefs. This land also captures unique tangible and intangible cutural heritages of great values imprinted with the national characters such as the national antiques of Cham culture, Arieuping festival of Van Kieu and Pa Co ethnic minority people in the West of Quang Tri; Sac Tu Tinh Quang pagoda of Buddhism, La Vang pilgrimage Center.
La Vang pilgrimage center – one of the biggest pilgrimage centers in Vietnam
    In addion, many typical national revolationary traditional festivals are associated with important events of the country such as the “National Reunification” festival, “Lighting flowers on Thach Han river”, “Legend of Truong Son” Festival. Valuable, guaranteed!

5. Explore the forest and mountains, the landscapes
     Quang Tri also has spectacular mountains and a lot of beautiful landscapes, rivers and forest, wonderful waterfalls, extremely diverse ecosystems, and many typical habitat species, becoming the ideal destination for many tourists who want to experience the discovery and pinic activities.
Chenh Venh waterfall
     For a peaceful day out in nature, consider to explore the forest and mountains in the West of Quang Tri, enjoying the cool and fresh air, spending time, taking some photos with friends and family in the miniparks, gardens, farms are such a good idea.
The beauty of mountains and forests in the West of Quang Tri
     If you are about to head to Quang Tri. Hopefully, these above informations will be useful for you. This year, Quang Tri province is focusing on developing “Night tourism” which associated with some amazing activites at night in Dong Ha city and night tour to visting some historical relics, giving you another reason to explore, experience and play in this land./.

Author: Trang Nhi

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