Abundant labor resources

Sunday - 06/10/2019 00:03
The labor force aged 15 and over is 348,750 people in the total population (630,545 people), accounting for 50.80% of male with 177,180 people; and 49.20% of female with 171,570 people. The labor force is 97,415 people in urban area, accounting for 27.93%; and 251,335 people in rural area, accounting for 72.07%.

There is 338,880 people working in economic sectors, taking 97.17% of the provincial labor force including 44.08% from agriculture, forestry and fishery sector (149,362 people), 18.37% from industry and construction sector (62,250 people), and 37.55% from service sector (127,268 people).

In 2018, 12,288 vocational students has been enrolled in Quang Tri (601 students of college level, 819 students of intermediate level, and 10,766 students of primary and regular level). There is 54.43% of trained employees, 39.36% of vocational employees, 29.1% of employees with certificates; 11,318 employees were created new jobs (Number of employees working in province, in country and out of country are 6,200 people, 3,300 people and 1,818 people respectively).

The province is currently focusing on many solutions to improve the quality of human resources, for instance, implementating the priority strateries on attraction of highly qualified experts and skilled labors; upgrading the provincial vocational schools, adopting the policies to support investors in training labor, creating jobs and reducing cost, especially for the existing labor force of the province.

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