Functions and Duties

The functions:
- To support the People's Committee in developing the strategies, mechanisms, policies and databases of the province's development and investment sectors;
- To operate as a focal office advising the Provincial People's Committee to organize and implement the national and international promotion activities in regard with the provincial investment, trade and tourism;
- To coordinate with the provincial-level departments and agencies;  and city-level people's committees to promote, exploit and provide the brokerage services with regard to investment, trade and tourism; consult about setting up projects; guide partners seeking investment and business opportunities in the province;
- To support and facilitate investors, enterprises in carrying out investment procedures during their operation.

The duties:
a. Research tasks for promotion activities:
-  To research, evaluate, analyze and forecast the information, programs, schemes and projects related to economy and society to support the Provincial People's Committee in dealing with the mission of leadership, direction and administration;
- To research and propose for adjusting and reforming the provincial orders and procedures of investment projects, policies to encourage investors in investment, trade and tourism;
- To coordinate with the provincial-level departments and agencies;  and city-level people's committees and other relevant authorities in formulating and directly implementing the annual as well as 5-year Plan on provincial activities of investment, trade and tourism.
b. Investment promotion tasks 
 - To create databases, publications and documents for the province's investment promotion activities;
- To draw up and supplement a list of projects calling for investment in the province;
- To propagate, promote, and introduce the environment, policies, potentials and opportunities for investing in the province; and to connect domestic and foreign investment;
- To train for strengthening capacity on investment promotion; to assist organizations, businesses and investors in seeking the information regarding the laws, policies, procedures, potentials, markets, partners and opportunities in investment; to support for project launch after being granted investment certificate;
- Carry out domestic and international cooperation activities on investment promotion and consulting services.
c. Trade promotion tasks
- To implement strategies, plans and programs on developing the domestic market and commodity exported market in the province after it is approved;
- To support the enterprises in finding business partners and in expanding markets. Facilitating to local enterprises to communicate with domestic and foreign partners, and assisting to those who are interested in exploring, surveying and seeking the business opportunities and partners in the province as well;
- To collect, process and save the information on trade policies, market situation, prices, organization network, investment environment for trade promotion tasks;
- To distribute the information about markets, commodities, partners and new products through newsletters, websites, TV programs, radio, brochures and mass media tools;
- To guide and support enterprises participating in domestic and international fairs, trade exhibitions and advertisings. Providing consulting services on trade;
- To act as a counsellor and preside over training and retraining for enterprises of all economic sectors on trade promotion skills, business management of some particular commodities, brand building and development, management skills, trade knowledge, market research, marketing, foreign trade, investment, negotiation and transactions, contract signing, payment and other operations in terms of trade development;
d. Tourism promotion tasks
- To implement strategies, plans and programs on tourism promotion after it is approved;
- To propagate and promote the provincial tourism images, famous landscapes, historical and revolutionary relics, tourism services and products to enterprises, domestic and foreign tourists. Propagating to raise social awareness about tourism; contributing to creating a safe, healthy and civilized tourism environment; promoting the nation's hospitable tradition in order to attract more tourists;
- To build and develop local tourism brand and businesses; to research tourism market; to create and promote tourism products which are suitable to the tastes of both domestic and foreign tourists;
- To promote and seek opportunities and resources for investment in tourism infrastructure and facilities; process to diversify and improve the quality of tourism services;
- To update, store tourism information, publish travel materials, introduce tourism products to domestic and foreign organizations and/or individuals. Organizing tourism promotion activities by joining in fairs and conferences;
- To guide and support tourism enterprises in seeking and propagating tourism activities; to act as a focal point in connecting and seeking domestic and foreign tourism markets;
- To consult, propose agreements on tourism activities in foreign countries;
- To organize training, joint training and further training for enterprises, organizations and individuals on improving the management skills, operation skills, market access and professional tourism skills;
e. Other duties
- To manage and use of contractual employees, officers and civil servants as decentralized; to manage the Agency’s finance, properties and facilities in accordance with the law;
- To implement supervisions on information, regular and irregular reports regarding implementation of the Center's assigned tasks with the competent authorities as prescribed;
- To perform other tasks as assigned by the Provincial People's Committee, Office of the People's Committee and in accordance with the law.

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